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The Sophistry Trilogy

The Sophistry Trilogy (2002) Status: Complete

The Trilogy debuted in 2002 on Troma's Official UK Fan Site, to much critical and fan acclaim. It was also screened at the Portobello Film Festival where it received a standing ovation.  This trilogy of Lynchian/Oddball shorts are designed wholly upon viewer interpretation and contain some mild profanity.

CREDITS: starring Peter Goode, Mary Rodriquez-Thomas and Andrew Mackay. Original music written and performed by Dave Soroka.  Written & Produced by Andrew Mackay.  Edited by Aston Walker.  Directed by Mark Reeves

PART ONE: “Werdna’s Severe Kramp”

This first instalment of the trilogy follows the story of two men, Julius and Werdna, who cohabit a small rural house in England. Who is who, and how are the two related?  

PART TWO: “The Chocolate Libido”

"The Chocolate Libido" - continues the story of perhaps the two strangest men on the planet. The plot thickens when Julius' estranged sister DK Eczema arrives and complicates everything...

PART THREE: "The Queen and the Bishop"

The final part of the trilogy attempts to conclude the exact goings on and tie up the relationship between the two characters Julius and Werdna. Also, we discover exactly who DK Eczema is, and possibly what happened to mother...  

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