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The Reunion

The Reunion (2008) Status: Post-Production

Coming soon – it’s the film that NINE cast and crew refused to take part in!  Check out the trailer!

Olivia O'Toole (de Wit) attends a reunion party to celebrate her vicious rape and beating that happened ten years ago to the day! She and her have-a-go husband Larry (Gorick) come face-to-face for the first time in ten years with her rapists who have been recently released from jail. Needless to say, everything takes a hideous turn for the worst, resulting in violence, murder and general chaos culminating in one of the most unusual and strangest endings you'll ever see!

"The Reunion" is unique in that it contains absolutely ZERO redeeming value: EVERYONE gets a shard of glass in the face - no holds barred! It's repulsive, disgusting, wrong, malicious and downright spiteful - and proud of it!

CREDITS: starring Elka de Wit, John Gorick, James Payton, Keith McCoy, Dele Awosile, Jay Meikle, Keith Eyles, Dave Buckle, Will McMullen, Roger Morgan & I.T. Williams.  Original music by Neil Myers.  1st Assistant Director Gareth Lewis.  Artwork by David Allcock.  Sound by Patrick Balfour.  Produced by Roger Morgan & Andrew Mackay.  Edited, written, & directed by Andrew Mackay.

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