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The Bureau of the Obvious

The Bureau of the Obvious (2007) Status: Complete

Coming soon!  Special industry preview at the Curzon Cinema, Soho – Tuesday October 16th 6-7pm.  Please contact us if you’d like to attend!

“We Can Fix You”.  Work and pleasure collide dramatically for this trio of out-of-their-depth management consultants.  It’s their third day in operation: Cyril’s wife won’t stop badgering him before his big presentation, Darly’s on a quest to find the perfect female candidate (but not for the reasons you might think!) and Olly… well, Olly’s a straight talker, but is he a straight shooter?  Corporations, management & all the useless, unintelligible jargon in between is about to have the rug yanked from under its feet in this funny and satirical yet touching comedy-drama!

CREDITS: starring Keith Eyles, Elka de Wit, James Payton, Rachel al-Habib, Richard Blanchette, John Rackham, Ben Shockley, Henry Dunn & the voice of Piers Gibbon.  Music by Neil Myers.  1st Assistant Director Gino Marcangelo.  Artwork by David Allcock.  Sound by Mark Reeves.  Edited, written, produced & directed by Andrew Mackay.

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