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AMR Entertainment has produced two London theatre shows. 
Clips coming soon!

BROADCAST (2004) starring Jonathan Hansler, Jason
Denyer, Elka de Wit & Roger Morgan.  Music by Neil Myers. 
Written, produced & directed by Andrew Mackay

“Having done the talk show thing for a few years, this rang
more than a few bells! Funny and poignant!” - Steve Harris,
Virgin Radio
“Dark, disturbing but delicious!  Chocolate cake on stage!”
- Piers Hernu, FHM
“Near the knuckle, close to the bone, sharply scripted and
crisply delivered … too close to home!” - Talk Sport

RYLERSTARR 109.4 FM’s late-night agony aunt Darly Caine is London’s favourite on-air personal advice guru.  His tens of thousands of listeners have to come know and trust him with his advice: from boyfriend troubles to medical health issues, Darly always has the right answer with a sympathetic ear.  Tonight, Darly’s girlfriend will dump him just before he’s due on air.  The very celebrity whom the listeners turn to for advice can’t even sort out his own life!  How humiliating!  Darly is angry, but this is merely the beginning: tonight, Darly will un-bottle his secret pent-up content he’s always had for his callers.  He will viciously, mercilessly and cruelly abuse all of his listeners.  Darly’s anger is about to get the better of him and he’s not going to hold anything back  History will be made tonight at 10pm on RYLERSTARR 109.4 FM: it will be the night of Darly Caine’s last ever Broadcast.

THE SHOW (2005) starring Keith Eyles, Hannah Dean, Roger Morgan & Andrew Mackay.  Music by Neil Myers.  Written & produced by Andrew Mackay.  Directed by Ikram Khan.

Welcome to Fringe Theatre Hell.  After royally destroying his own production due to an intense lack of people skills and general production savvy, David Connors’ original play “From Beer to Maternity” found its actors walking off and the director refusing to get her head out of her arse.  So, with no hope and no show, David has no choice but to draft in the only person he knows who can fill an empty three week slot in Camden’s smallest fringe venue to avoid losing his deposit and annoying the theatre manager.  The “man” in question is Baxter Mation; a twenty-something deranged nutcase complete with questionable work ethics, “inappropriate” ways of treating his team and barely legal ideas on how to entertain audiences.  Baxter is every cast and crew’s walking, talking nightmare of a director.  That said, he’s clearly the only one stupid enough to attempt to get this motley crew of delusional, egomaniacal misfits on stage, off book and ready to go with only three weeks’ notice.

We join the quartet at their final rehearsal, twenty-four hours before their opening night and things don’t seem to be going well.  Olivia, the lead actress, is bricking it; wondering if she’s trapped in every actress’s expenses-paid-only nightmare.  David, the inept and, quite frankly, slimy producer is too busy trying to find ways of getting into Olivia’s pants.  Simon, the lead actor, is a prima donna to the bitter bloody end; swamped under the delusion that he’s above everyone else – oh, and he got beaten up in a pub last night and has forgotten all his lines. Shhh!  For Goodness sake, don’t let Baxter find out!  And speaking of Baxter, well, the less we say about him the better. . .
Please check back soon for sample video and audio clips.  Please contact if you’d like a copy of either show on DVD.

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