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Richard Blanchette

Richard joined AMR Entertainment as co-host of the exceedingly popular AMR Movie Show when he and Andrew met back in May. Ever since then, they’ve become something of a conduit of knowledge and love for film, but sometimes these opinions are wildly crossed-eyed and they end up arguing. Great radio show stuff, as you can imagine.

Richard has, by his own admission, been "A movie nutter" since he was very young and remembers meeting and chatting to Carl Sagen at a lecture in California when was only eleven. He even managed to interview Christopher Lee! Outside his love for all things movie, Richard is a man of many talents, holding a BSC in Engineering, A US National Certificate in automotive repair, Various types of Engine repair certificates (Including some from the US Army). He has also trained with a gun smith, holds a pyrotechnics license and is a self taught botanist, hydroponics gardener, agriculturist and horticulturist. Richard has also spent time as a US Army Medic which was followed by being a crew chief on an OH58-D(I) Kiowa Bell Jet Ranger.

One of Richard’s favourite quotes is: “If we can imagine it, then it can come true. Life will end if we stop learning, and life should be an adventure so approach everyday like Magellan, Cortez or Columbus with new adventures just over the horizon.”
Richard is more than happy to field emails from his army of fans, plethora of opponents, and lovers of really, really (exceptionally) fast automibles.
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