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Music videos

AMR Entertainment has recently branched out into providing music videos for bands.  Please see below for examples.  If your band requires a music video, then please get in contact with us via the contact page of the site.

 “CLOSER” by Land of Cain
Starring James Payton & Land of Cain

 Director & Editor Andrew Mackay
(Running Time Approx. 5 mins)


Synopsis:Olly McDonald (Payton), The Bureau of the Obvious’ slacker I.T. whizz kid, has taken advantage of the fact that he’s alone in the office by surreptitiously inviting his favourite metal band, Land of Cain, into the building for a private performance.  The music, however, starts to get the better of him, and now he wants a shot on the guitar.  Features clips from the film “The Bureau of the Obvious”.

About the band: Land of Cain are: Grant Chambers (vocals), Aaron Waddingham (guitar), Christian Jordan (bass) and Spencer Dargue (drums).  Please visit and for more info! 



COMING SOON!  Mindlover’s “Just Another Fucking Love Song”.  Please check back at the beginning of February 2008.




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