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Andrew Mackay

Andrew is very much a proponent of collaboration: his movies feature large casts and, as such, has built AMR into something of a hub for regular collaborative talent.

Since graduating Media and Film Studies at Thames Valley University in 2000, he has gone on to write, produce and direct over ten short films. His very first film “Twisted Supernova” won the Best Film award at his college when he was just 16. He founded AMR Entertainment in January of 2002 specifically to produce films that challenge topical issues and satirise various industries.

Since 2002 AMR Entertainment has expanded into theatre, music videos and radio – all under the direction of Andrew. His experience is very substantial and he wears many caps: as a broadcaster, he had the Saturday night top spot on Tube 87.7FM with the satirical comedy show “Punching Marshmallow Pies” for over a year. At age 18 he worked briefly in New York in Warner Bros. publicity department and worked on films such as Mars Attacks! And Space Jam.

Andrew is currently providing the documentary web videos and “making of” material for The Mutant Chronicles. These videos can be found at the movie’s official site

As of 2007, with AMR, Andrew has recently completed his biggest movie to date “The Bureau of the Obvious”, and is in post-production of his new film “The Reunion”. He is currently trying to secure funding and distributorship for AMR’s first feature-length movie: a feature version of “The Bureau of the Obvious”.

He is keen to hear from future collaborators…:

Andrew also provides voiceovers for corporate, films and commercials.  He was the voice of Auto Trader in 2004 and has also provided the voice for adverts; most recently UK Gold.  Please click the following link to listen to his 90 second showreel:

Press play for andrew's voice showreel

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He is keen to hear from future collaborators – cast and crew alike, who like AMR’s output and wish to join in its success.


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